Arjen Schat / Mens

Arjen Schat - Mens

“Mens” (Human) revolves around the relationship between synthesis and human interaction. The first half is emphasized on sequential music, the second half on ambient soundscapes. Both halves depend entirely on the use of sequencers and synthesizers, but human interaction is essential to shape and modulate their sound and compositions.

“Change Of A Cosmic Address" was recorded in honor of Edgar Froese who passed away January 20th, 2015.

Processed and recorded at Infraklang, January - April 2015.
All tracks written and produced by Arjen Schat.

01_Change Of A Cosmic Address
04_Distant Harmonics
05_Second Light

Musik_Arjen Schat
Bild und Artwork_Marco Supernak
Mastering_Arjen Schat
Inlay included

Arjen Schat / Mens from Mensch on Vimeo.

Arjen Schat / Mens / CD EP